NeuroHeart Educational Coaching

A brain-friendly educational approach that is not only transforming learners, students and pupils but also teachers, schools, institutions and colleges

A brain-friendly educational approach that is not only transforming learners, students and pupils but also schools, institutions and colleges ...

Accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Accredited CPD Activity through the CPD Standards Office

Our Vision

Our vision is to shift education and teaching into the 21st century and deliver transformational training where educators worldwide learn how to implement professional coaching, metacognition and neuroscientific principles into the learning process, whether for language or other disciplines so as to develop well rounded, confident and fulfilled learners who aspire to achieve their full potential according to their own unique neurodiversity.

What is NeuroHeart Educational Coaching?

NeuroHeart Educational Coaching incorporates the latest findings in neuroscience as well as principles and tools from coaching into the traditional learning process. Through neuroscience, we know that no two brains are the same, so NeuroHeart Educational Coaching is tailor-made learning to a learner’s needs, without books, but with clear and structured goals to achieve in defined periods of time.

 NeuroHeart Educational Coaching is for teachers of all disciplines and is about how to create an all encompassing, compassionate and holistic delivery of any topic through coaching conversations, coaching competencies and ethics, and brain-friendly neuroscientific approaches.

21st Century learners are different. We’ve all changed. Adults, teenagers, children. We are actually learning in a totally different way. We have seen learners who are very frustrated, who are embarrassed and lack self-confidence. By becoming a NeuroHeart Educational Coach, teachers understand the impact of emotional and social pain on the brain, the impact of and the difference between explicit and implicit, subconscious and conscious learning, and how to get learners into the perfect learning state.

NeuroHeart Educational Coaches understand how to provoke brain connections and how to develop and use a brain-friendly, compassionate approach to totally change their learner’s learning experience.

NeuroHeart Educational Coaching introduces teachers to coaching ...

Teachers are introduced to coaching and also to the International Coaching Federation principles and core competences. It also introduces them to the theory and principles behind brain-based coaching and how neuroscientific research can assist in understanding and formulating powerful coaching conversations.

This aims to lay the pathway for teachers to really assist and coach learners to focus and develop and also helps them develop key coaching skills, such as active listening, powerful questioning and effective coaching conversations as well as learn to use different coaching models.

NeuroHeart Educational Coaching introduces teachers to Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence ...

Teacher are introduced to the principles of neuroscience, how the brain functions, learns and reacts, building up the knowledge step by step and then understanding how this applies to learning. They gain insights into the importance of understanding the emotional brain, social pain, and potentially the perfect learning state as well as the respect for each and every learner as individuals.

NeuroHeart Educational Coaching introduces teachers to the skills of a coach ...

NeuroHeart Educational Coaching equips participants with an understanding of the theory and principles behind NeuroHeart Education and the ability to integrate principles of traditional coaching and brain-based coaching, together with the neuroscience of learning into the learning process. 

Invest in your career and personal development and become a NeuroHeart Educator ...

Complete the certification course and transform your results with these learning outcomes:

  • Transforms teachers into NeuroHeart Educators with knowledge of neuroscience and a deep understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Builds the foundations for coaching and coaching conversations
  • Deepens coaching effectiveness and knowledge of powerful conversations
  • Enhances active listening skills and totally transforms communication skills
  • Gives insights to various coaching models and shows how to use them in practice
  • Introduces how the brain learns, reacts and functions
  • Deepens the understanding of knowledge acquisition and the learning process
  • Creates an understanding of the need for a perfect learning state based on the principles of neuroscience
  • Shows how to connect NeuroHeart Educational Coaching to the ICF coaching competencies
  • Learn how to engage coachees into focused learning and sustain their goals with a high success rate
  • How to connect and apply new NeuroHeart Educational Coaching models to the teaching process
  • How to follow the structure and framework of the NeuroHeart Educational Coaching approach and adapt it to each individual coachee or group of coachees

Inmaculada's experience of the course...

Introducing Rachel Paling

MA, BA Hons, Cert. Tefl., Director of Efficient Language Coaching®, Neuroscientist, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Corporate & Private Language Coach, Creator of Neurolanguage Coaching® and NeuroHeart Education®